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The magic of space

23 Oct The magic of space

How often in your daily life do you get space?

It’s so easy to get caught up in the endless rush of tasks, obligations, commitments, deadlines, time with loved ones, the needs of others in our lives.
Ech day, there’s a barrage of things on my plate. Balls in the air. Lists and reminders.
If all I do is focus on them, it makes me feel frazzled, disconnected and eventually drained.
Is this how we had wanted to spend our lives?
Well of course not, it’s just a busy period right now. I’ll ride it out, take care of what’s urgent, and then I’ll rest and get back to how I feel and those other priorities.
Why do we kid ourselves?
In truth, what’s urgent can take up all our time and energy so that we never get around to what’s most important.
The reality check is, we keep pace with an overcrowding planet, with access to endless information and limitless stimulation. This means space is becoming the most rare of things.
Many of us don’t feel like we have a sancturary – a safe space to be ourselves. Especially if we spend a long time around people with whom we don’t feel good. Or we don’t let ourselves have true down time, where we are fully present, guilt-free, with our immediate surroundings. Our mind ha the tendency to run far from presence and into the familiar arms of problem solving, undone tasks, and future planning. Our lifestyle choices might mean that unles we have true presence required of us, such as when receiving a massage, or being in intimacy with someone, we never otherwise switch off.
An in an overbusy lifestyle, we try hard to tick some boxes, eat healthily or exercise, but that can feel like another task, a chore, and can drain us too, depending on how we approach it.
Space is a rarity. Endangered. Precious.
Space is also where magic happens.
Strokes of genius. Insight and inspiration. Creative flow. Physical, emotional and spiritual restoration. Beauty and grace. Nature. Art. All of these need true space to flourish.
How do we add space to our lives amidst the clutter?
1. As this post suggests, notice where you can benefit from and add more space.
2. Be intentional: how do you want to feel, ideally? And how can you infuse this feeling into each of your choices?
3. Prioritise your intended feelings. Ultimately success will not be a subjective or numerical outcome, but how you feel about it. At each fork in the road or option you have, return to the question of your intended feelings. Consider and apply the numerous ways to increase the space in each day, and more space weekly.
What’s your favourite way to experience space?

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