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Softening and ease

14 Jul Softening and ease

Have you ever had a proper deep tissue massage?

If not, it’s like someone taking your most sensitive trigger points and pressing into them deeply. With strength. And sometimes across several muscles in one move. Pretty intense.

I have 2 options for this.

I can resist. This is my body’s reflex to protect me. I can hold on tight and build a muscle wall all around me.

But that keeps hurting.

“What we resist persists”

-Carl Jung

Or, I can soften.

I can find acceptance and ease, I can be with my body and allow it to feel. And in the embodiment, is healing and release.

So at my recent massage, after waiting too long between sessions, it was especially tender.

The masseuse played my neck like a guitar that was wound too tight. Ow ow.

But then I caught onto what I was doing.

I noticed myself tensing up, moving away, trying to lessen the pressure on my points. Holding onto the wall around me.

I told myself to soften. I breathed deeper. I thought the word ‘soften’ repeatedly.

This let me relax and allowed release. Each slight release added up to a dramatically different body amd experience.

It also reminded me how much tension we hold subconsciously, as we protect ourselves.

Do you protect yourself? How can you soften and allow ease?

For more ways and reasons that we protect ourselves, see this post.

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