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Shedding my invisibility cloak

18 May Shedding my invisibility cloak

I used to tremble in fright when I’d want to share something….and then hold myself back. I used to hear my heart popping out from worry on a live call…and then hang up.

I’d second- and third-guess everything I did.
I’d endlessly edit and revise.

You could say I felt ‘painfully’ shy.

I wished to be a loved pet or a wild animal to escape my human challenges, and daydreamed about hiding under the doona forever.

It’s so easy to come up with 20 justifications, reasons, excuses, per minute, of why I just won’t hit publish. Per second.

Even in relatively anonymous, safe, encouraging spaces.

I was so scared of saying the wrong thing, being judged, not being accepted.

I was so confronted and terrified by the VISIBILITY of being out there.

I’d look at everyone else’s progress and feel overwhelmed. And like it was either impossible for me, or light years away, in another life.

After starting to explore my business ideas, I hid my website for a year, and my page for over half a year. Eek.

It started slowly at first, with tiny steps which helped, but still felt unnatural.

But now, I feel I’m looking back on it as if from the other side of the Grand Canyon. The things I used to freak out about, I regularly do with ease. And more than I’d ever dreamt possible.

I now feel I’ve transformed, emerged from my coccoon, come out of hiding + flown FREE. It’s exhilarating here! It’s also a much more rewarding place to be, and a more meaningful way to live.

What’s helped me come out of my shell the most?

1. So so much spiritual practice! It can be hard to prioritise in s busy life. But hey, if you can’t find half an hour to meditate, then you need an hour of meditation.

2. Meditating. When I have quiet space, I can connect within and work out what’s true for me on a soul level.

3. Journalling. As with meditating, freeform writing lets much deeper layers emerge. Journalling is also essential for the mindset work and self-belief, which could’ve been headings in their own right.

4. Oodles of self-love! Practising self-love in any way sends you the message that you’re important and worthy, and helps build your self-belief and confidence muscles.

5. Connecting deeply to myself and passionate, driven, infinite belief in my message and its transformative power.

6. Coaching with my mentors and absorbing as much inspiration as I can. They also help me find the strategy that’s most aligned to me!

7. Cocooning with acceptance and gentleness while doing the hard work.

8. Then, LEAPING and taking imperfect action, even before I’m ready. Taking any small action fills me with the confidence and self-belief to keep going.

9. Seeing other biz wizzes as my support structure, not my comparator. And, being fully myself with them to let that awesome support happen. Engaging with other humans means we can share the love and give and receive support.

10. A belief in people’s goodness. People are supportive and want you to succeed. Ultimately, you can only feel like you’re succeeding when it’s on your terms. I used to imagine weird worst case scenarios for what’d happen when I posted something. And not even my mildest fears eventuated.

I’m now practised at sharing my real truth. This means it’s not rehearsed, not filtered, not edited. It feels so on purpose.

I let my creativity and truth BURST forth, which feels like an incredible release. This fuels me and gives me amazing energy.

I speak the real unedited truth, that connects deeply and easily with others. I feel like I’m a more of a part of our global community.

Does this speak to you? If so, tell me what you struggle with (yes you can email me!) and let’s connect here (you can PM me!).

I hope this serves as help and inspiration to you beautiful quieter souls, and I hope that even if you don’t respond here, you can feel the love + understanding + hope!

💖 Anna


P.s. how’s this for a before and after photo series 😉


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