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31 May Service

My inner wisdom is very inner (that’s another story) and tough to access.

Recently, though, it sent a golden nugget my way. “Sevi.” Like the Sanskrit seva, to me this means service.

What does service mean to me?

Throughout my life and more recently as a yoga practicer, I often reflect on the incredible things I learn and processes I go through. If I even share it, my general instinct is to do so in person, directly, with one or a tiny number of close people. As an introvert, I shy away from declaring anything in a public sphere, go to lengths to pinpoint exactly what is in my head and keep refining it, and find that it takes people (serious) time for people between first meeting me and understanding me.

To put it simply, I am not naturally a sharer.


I too have stuff I go through, insights and interpretations I learn. I want to express, process, inspire, enlighten and motivate. I want to offer.

To be of service.

This means that even though it is scary for me, here I am, offering with trust and love.

This means that I am open to what people wish to receive from this offering. It could be my yoga, nutrition, neuroscience or anatomy knowledge. It could be the spark of a human connection. It could be the inspiration for the ones among you who hold back from sharing to a great extent, and yet wonder what it would be like to leap forward, with fear, into a new paradigm. All this is possible, and beyond.

Service is selfless. This type of service is open and vulnerable. Just right in its imperfections. All about the people being served. All about a higher purpose. I’ve always felt a deep need to be of service to the world, or to a corner of the world. This is my latest incarnation of service.

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