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7 Days Self Love Course
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Your Gift: 7 Days of Self Love eCourse

I offer you my mini-course,

7 Days of Self-Love


Do you sometimes feel you might be a bit too harsh on youself?

Ok seriously, there’s an epidemic of self hatred among us. And it’s happening in our minds and bodies every.single.minute.


Do you:

-reject compliments, or lessen/deflate them?

-struggle with balancing your life in a way that feels good?

-berate yourself and compare yourself to others, or to an unreachable ideal?

-hate seeing your reflection in the mirror, or avoid it at all costs?

-feel overwhelmed and run down as you struggle through life?


My inner critic’s voice used to be so loud, always judging myself harshly. Nothing I ever did was good enough. It was so cruel.

I’ve learnt to infuse mindfulness and yoga into daily life and deal with that inner voice, to feel better and honour myself across all areas of life. And I want to share this with you! 


Would you rather:

-create space for your priorities, and support yourself in prioritising

-find what nourishes you, and gift yourself with that

accept all parts of yourself and deeply love yourself

-access new levels of energy and inspiration, to live your brightest life.


All in my FREE mini ecourse about deepening your closest relationship – with yourself!

Practise growing your self-esteem and build up to a place where you genuinely LOVE yourself!

To access the 7 Days of Self-Love ecourse and get my exclusive content, enter your details here:


Your details will be held sacred + secret.

What did they say?

“Anna has a gift to truly listen and to encourage us. 7 Days of Self-Love is a loving practical amazing offering that taugh me to pause, to look at myself and to nourish the whole of my being. I love it. Can’t wait to take more classes with her.” Paola, Brazil  


“Anna at Heart n Earth has created a beautiful, practical and inspired resource in the 7 Days of Self-Love. The activities are nurturing, insightful and rich. This lovely email series will offer you new and diverse ways of boosting your self-compassion and self-love and lead you to greater inner peace, love and clarity. I highly recommend this soulful gift from Heart n Earth.” Naomi, Victoria (Australia)



“I’ve just signed up to 7 days of self-love with @annahne & I’m feeling all loved up after doing the worksheet on Day 1 ~ there is nothing more important than learning to love YOU & Anna’s beautiful, gentle words are the perfect learning companion” Samantha, NSW (Australia)


About the creator

Anna Dobby is the heart of Heart n Earth, where she helps women who know there’s more to life than what meets the eye.

With her unique blend of yoga, mindfulness and soul coaching, she helps her clients connect with their inner self, feel more comfortable in their own skin, express their truth proudly, and deal with the noisy outside world so they can embrace their unique self and create a life they love living.

Find out more about Anna here.