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Reframe for your gain

25 May Reframe for your gain

This post was tangentially inspired by my tangential thoughts stemming from this post by a beautiful soul, Naomi.

Are you starting (and continuing) torecognise the importance of your mental state on everything you do? Can you feel the imoact it has on every part of life? Most of us can recall having negative expectations and therefore a negative experience…and vice versa.

I’m realising this everywhere. I’m talking about it and watching its effects in all contexts.

In your job, in your body, in your relationships, in anything and everythingyou do.

Which is why I’m again zooming in on self-talk.

What we tell ourselves, about ourselves, and about the world, is more than background radio chatter.

Our self-talk directly sets our tone for our day, our mood, our activities, our vibe, our interactions.

What the mind says isn’t accurate until we listen to it. Even then, it’s usually not objectively accurate, but we make it so for our world.

When we reframe our thought streams, we make the choice afresh to have a more positive, meaningful expereince and to directly CHANGE our truth. Yes, the mind is that powerful.

Here are some quick suggestions for you. You’re invited treat them like a glossary.

Face folds / wrinkles: life participation ribbons / I’m earning my adulting stripes / I’m blessed with the life span to experience life at all ages

Age spots: life experience medals

Smile lines: great memories

Sleep lines, belly bulge: body wisdom

Bum or thighs: unique booty shaker

Legs: my strength and solid support to walk through life

Arms: hugging equipment

Cravings: body clues

Sensations: electricity running through me / message in a body

Pain or discomfort: gentle taps…or loud knocks asking you to look within

I have to be at work: I choose to invest in this effort for a purpose

There’s so much to do: I lead an interesting life with lots of options

I’ll do it later: I’ll decide later if it’s still relevant

I have to do this yoga pose right now: I move my body to feel good

Diet: nourishment

I’m so busy: my life is so rich and varied

I’m so tired/sick: my body’s talking to me

I implore you, add these and other kind thoughts into your mix, and see where it takes you.

Which reframes do you like to use? Which of these will you try on? Connect in a more private forum in my facebook group here to talk.

And to take your self-talk, self care and self-love to a whole new level, sign up for my new FREE course, 7 Days of Self-love, here.

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