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Positive shmositive

25 Aug Positive shmositive

Sometimes I wonder…
Is there really a purpose to positive thinking + affirmations?
Well, are you aware of the thoughts you have that come from your mind?
They can often be sneaky, or disguise themselves as truth or our real deeper wisdom.
And let’s face it… at least 90% of them repeat themselves in circular fashion, right?
So what’s the problem with what we think, if it’s not true, or if it’s not our real selves?
I’m reminded of the wisdom within this quote.

Watch your thoughts, they become words;
watch your words, they become actions;
watch your actions, they become habits;
watch your habits, they become character;
watch your character, for it becomes your destiny.” 

-Frank Outlaw


Our thoughts directly shape our reality in 3 ways:


1. Reinforcement of our perceptions. We see more of the same, as that’s exactly the lens we already see through. As an example, if my thoughts are, “I’m always unsuccessful,” I see evidence of this that confirms my bias. If my thoughts are more like, “I’m doing so well,” I see and find more evidence of this to match. It’s like having coloured glasses on – what we see clearest and brightest is what is already inside us.
2. Emotional reinforcement. When we have repeat thoughts about us being crap, this creates feelings about ourselves, which create emotions, which create moods.
Our thoughts, emotions and moods then determine what we do. And what we do, in turn, determines our next thoughts about ourselves, and then emotions and moods.
3. Blocking out the opposite. Every moment we spend on repeating an unhelpful thought, we miss an opportunity to benefit from a more helpful or empowering thought, or even a moment of full presence.
In each moment of life, we are a human BEING. There’s very little staying still, and we live in constant motion.
All our thoughts form part of our direction.
And I’m observing that my direction is either a reinforcing upward spiral, or a reinforcing downward spiral.
Eg – I feel inadequate about myself. So I overeat. Then I feel crap about that (physically and emotionally) and the result is that I’m less productive. And so it spirals.
Or – I feel I deserve to treat myself well so I move my body. Then the endorphins kick in and I feel amazing and productive. The more awesome stuff I do, the better I think and feel.
The Universe likes to remind us that “thoughts become things.”
What thoughts are you hearing on repeat? What things do they show up as in your life?
Comment below or email me.
xx Anna
PS If your recurring thoughts are to do with your body or appearance, you’ll really benefit from one of my workshops in Sydney or Melbourne.

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