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21 Sep Over-social?

I’ve been wondering lately, what is it that keeps us scrolling on Facebook?

Having found myself artificially awake and sleeplessly scrolling for the next hit of thumb sized entertainment, a bit too often at times, I’ve become curious about the scrolling urge.

Here’s my take on why. 

For community
We like to feel connected. We evolved in tribes and clans and villages, and now our living structures can make us feel more disconnected than ever before.

So we look online for connection. But the issue can sometimes be that we can be less intentional with whom we pick to engage with. It may be the person with the views we hate the most, or the one with the most frequent breakfast photos.

How can we be more intentional with the communities we build and sustain?

Curiosity about how others live

We’re social creatures and in today’s modern lifestyle, we like to find new ideas to try. Also, whether your ex bestie is having a good life can unfold like a bit of an endless curiosity movie.

For comfort
There is comfort in the familiar and in distraction from what we find difficult to start. This comfort is a form of procrastination, or avoiding responsibility.

For solutions
Sometimes, we’re actually looking for information – from groups or particular pages. But sometimes it is like we’re handing over our power to an outside force. Can we dig deeper to find our own solutions?

I’ve also read + heard my share of others’ experiences in going on social media fasts, detoxes, or deleting their accounts. It often leads to people finding more joy in daily life, and more connection offline. There’s a lot to be said with taking it easy some days, so as not to become automatically attached to the newsfeed and not be able to survive without a device within reach.

But at the end of the day, there are a bunch of benefits of online community + connection, and for the meantime, social media is here to stay.

So the challenge is, how can we use it more mindfully, and with less compulsion?

How can we use it with our intention in mind, and not feel addicted when surfacing for air an hour later?

If these challenges speak to you, if you feel a growing frustration about your current life and use things like social media as distraction, if you yearn for a life of true alignment + deep fulfilment, I would love to invite you to join me in a complementary 20min Heart n Earth Breakthrough Session.

For the woman who has lots to be grateful for, and yet feels disconnected + scattered. She’s too busy rushing around to really enjoy the rewards of her work or savour the sweetness.

It is time to connect to your truth, access your power + make the impact you were born to make. A life of more meaning, more purpose, deeper knowing, more confidence, and ever more inner trust.

I am offering you a complementary 20 minute Heart n Earth Breakthrough Session with me.

Book your complementary session here.

This session is about creating safe + sacred space for you to be seen, heard, supported and empowered.

Together we will:
 ➡ Look at what your habits might point to – feeling over-burdened, frazzled, stuck, disconnected or less than your most vibrant self
 ➡ Create a vision for what your heart and soul truly want
 ➡ I’ll give you a specific tool to start creating more purpose in your life straight away
 ➡ You’ll leave our session feeling, calmer, connected + clear about the next steps you need to take

This opportunity is for you if:
 ➡ You are actively looking for ways to support yourself
 ➡ You desire to live a deeper life and experience your passions + potential in this lifetime – you are no longer waiting around

 ➡ You are truly committed to living as a whole, responsible, empowered woman – a woman who balances her heart + her head to create a life that feels right on every level.

Book your complementary 20 minute Heart n Earth Breakthrough Session with me here.

This offer is only available to women who book this week, so don’t delay.

Your life is to be lived right now. Your life is for loving, right now.

Big love,
Anna xx

PS. You only have until the end of this week to book your complementary Heart n Earth Breakthrough Session

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