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You KNOW you’re meant for more in this life.


You KNOW your life is a precious opportunity. You want more.


You’re starting to wonder what more you can be and feel in life.


Will you ever experience life with passion + satisfaction?


Will you unlock the meaning of life, the secrets of the universe, the joy of savouring life’s gamut of flavours?


Will you ever fulfil your highest potential?


Even though you know that life is precious, sometimes you can’t help but feel you’re wasting or squandering it.


You endlessly scroll through social media and then feel frustration or disappointment. You hide your real self from the people in your life. You walk through life half asleep to numb or protect yourself from its harshness.


And yet, you know there’s so much more to life than meets the eye. You know that inexplicable, synchronistic, divinely guided magic happens.


You have a rich inner life, you’re self-aware, you feel your sensitive soul.


Let’s harness your gifts, and see you soar.


When we can get deep + honest about what we truly want from life, we can then release the shackles and go live it.


Let me help you find that, dear. Together, let’s weave magic into the tapestry of your life.



Soul nourishing: coaching packageAnna210416_014edited

When you start accessing your inner wisdom, life starts to fall into alignment. External alignment with your truest inner goals. Your path makes more sense. Things just feel right. So let’s dive deep and get real. Shine a light on your current lifestyle, and cleanse and declutter those obstacles, limitations and inner critic struggles. Achieve your inspirational, powerful goals that elevate you into the life you could only have dreamt possible.


You get the benefits of:

-A tailored combination of coaching/mentoring, intuitive guidance, meditation & yoga/lifestyle tools to find the path that’s best for you, clear any obstacles in the way, and herald in the most powerful changes to your life!
-Get deep & honest about what you’re too hesitant to even dream about
-Grow and FEEL your love towards yourself
-Connect to your heart and learn to access the deeper, wiser parts of your inner self
-Connect to the vision of your most appealing + resonant life that is calling you
-The inherent connection, motivation + inspiration to take aligned steps and gather the support to make your dreams brightly come alive.


This package includes:

  • a pre-coaching questionnaire to get deep with yourself
  • A 90min phone/Skype session to start with a bang
  • 5 x 60min phone/Skype sessions, held every 2 weeks
  • 12 weeks of unlimited email support as you progress
  • worksheets for structure + encouragement


Value: One-on-one support targeting you reaching your goals? Pretty precious!

Investment: $254 per month x 3 months

Next step: Contact me to book in


Single Soul Session: Crystal ClarityAnna210416_038edited

Are you struggling with making a decision, setting priorities, or feeling stuck? This session helps you see things in a whole new light. Go from going round in circles, confusion and overwhelm, to crystal clarity and a path ahead of you.

We’ll quickly dive into soul-stirring depth, and sort through the faff/ego/fear/self-imposed limits.

The answers ARE within you.

Let’s clear the slates together.

It’s your turn for shifts, breakthroughs, and to shine!


The details:

  • a pre-consult quiz to get deep with yourself
  • 45min phone or Skype session


Value: What’s that indecision and to-ing and fro-ing costing you now?

Investment: $65

Next step: Contact me to book in


GMKP4552Quickie to Quiet

The name is cheeky…the feeling will delight.

When did you last stand up straight?

When did you last feel grounded in your body?

…soft in your heart?

…or calm in your mind?

A short, sweet sessiom for your frazzled multitasking soul. For your overwhelmed, over-thinking mind.

20min for YOU.


You get:

  • Time to unwind and be yourself.
  • Clarity of mind and presence of body.
  • Guided postural and meditative process tailored to you.


Investment: $18, as an intro opportunity

Next step: Contact me to book in


You are my dream client if:

  • You know there’s more to life than meets the eye
  • You’re ready for a better, more soul-fuelled and purpose-driven life
  • You can take responsibility for your actions
  • You are ready to commit to yourself and what matters to you
  • You’re ready to explore deeper
  • You’re connecting to these words!


Though, we won’t work as well together if you:

  • like to blame others for your choices
  • need others to make your decisions for you
  • need specific, technical, business advice


If this resonates with you –

Stop delaying life. Please.


You KNOW there’s more to life than career, commute, repeat. Autopilot, people-please, compromise, conceal. Hide, pretend, repeat.


You are here for a reason.


You have a lot to give. Yes, you give a lot of yourself already. But you want to give, serve, contribute in a way that makes your heart and soul sing with joy, your toes tingle and your smile sparkle.


You’ve been wondering, daydreaming, …. but then bottling it up. Hiding your most wonderful parts of yourself.


But you’re starting to crack with impatience. The misalignment shows up in other ways in life. And it’s not a sustainable path any more.


You are already ready, woman.


You’re no longer prepared to accept this haze of existence, to continue reliving the same patterns.


You’ve tasted, glimpsed, breathed a sweeter, elevated, inspired life and you cannot go back.


To biting your tongue and agreeing submissively. To playing small so as not make waves. To dreading Mondays and bracing yourself just to be near people your soul has outgrown.


Let’s change that.


Yes, you’re on a journey. You’ve already been learning, reading, wondering about new concepts, and maybe even started trying them out in your life.


But they’re hard and big. For one reason or another, they haven’t stuck. And you find yourself repeating similar patterns. Some days, the idea of self-love seems like something for perfect beings, not for you.


But in fact, you’re already perfect (but shhh that inner doubt – we’ll talk about that!)


So I invite you.


Walk alongside me.


I will share with you generously. I will talk directly to your heart and soul.


We will collaborate + help you find the clarity of purpose, the calmness of mind, and the presence of body.


You will be heard and seen. You will be embraced for the unique, beautiful, wondrous being that is all of you.


Let’s start, sweetheart.


I offer you these and more:

  • find crystal clarity about matters most to you
  • be truly really seen & heard
  • feel understood and accepted
  • re-kindle a connection with your inner self
  • strengthen your self-love
  • upgrade your mindset around what’s possible for you
  • release sabotaging mental patterns and beliefs
  • bring your dreams to reality in practical steps
  • receive support and encouragement at every step of the way
  • make miracles happen!


You ARE ready!


Click here to book in your complimentary, low-key phone or Skype chat. We’ll explore how my work can help you, and whether our souls want to work together.


I’ll be thrilled to help you go from wondering and hoping, and on your way to connecting with your soul & achieving your dreams!