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My big bang

27 Apr My big bang

I was in Les Leventhal’s yoga class yesterday when he said something that floored me.

Now, I’ve had my share of quality learning and inspiration from world-class yoga teachers, and am often pretty responsive emotionally, usually with bliss, sometimes with moodiness and a few times, tears.

All good.

He mentioned that extra-terrestrials might have 16 pairs of hips and need 3 hours for pigeon pose in their 124-hour days. Not my average yoga pondering, he had me at extra-terrestrials. The class moved on while I was enamoured. And then towards the end of class, struggling to hear him above the cute soundtrack, I hear something like:

The universe is 14 billion light years* big

*geeky note – this is a paraphrase. I forgot the number, and the consensus is that the observable universe is at least 14 billion light years across. It gets even bigger depending on what you read. I can’t even conceive of a billion of anything, or a light year.

I didn’t hear the rest. I was being hit, being blown away.


BOOM. Mind blown, emotions floored.

You know those scenes where Hollywood stars start running in slow motion, there’s a far away explosion, and the wave hits them and they fly towards you? It’s that instant that has changed everything for me.

If this is the universe I’m in, why do I spend so much energy focused on my miniscule world, my ego’s fears, my hesitations, reservations? They’re NOT real! It’s NOT what matters in life! This is the message that I help people with, and I was SO hit with it.

So, here I am, growing into the universe. Expanding, and getting limitless.

See, dear reader, I’ve been hiding from you. Always seeing this website as a work in progress, I’ve not shared it as publicly as intended.

It’s time to shed those pretend fears. In that expanse of space that takes 14 billion light years to cross, I’m humbly reminded that no-one else cares about my fears, insecurities, and no-one else is going to exploit them. All of this is up to me. I don’t have 14 billion light years, or even one, to spend refining, hesitating, formatting, procrastinating and hiding myself, before I step out into the world.

So, a warm welcome to you all. If you’ve been here before, thank you for your patience, encouragement, and bearing with me while I ask you not to share it ‘yet’.

If you’re new here, welcome and I hope to see you again. Let me know what these words mean to you, how you’re growing your world, how you’re taking leaps of faith.


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