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Meditation is a loving act

13 Jan Meditation is a loving act

You respect and like yourself, right?

Yes. Usually.

Of the many ways to view meditation – a chore, a challenge, a daily practice, “not for me,” “too hard,” or “too boring,” what’s the most loving thing you can do?

If it’s something that you know makes your life better, you know you will return to, why not treat it as self-love?

It is a self-loving practice in that:

-we become calmer and more relaxed

-our body gets the green light to rest, digest, repair and heal itself

-the brain allows empathy and creativity to flow

-you show yourself and your mind that you can meet a challenge, you can stick with your decisions, even if there’s resistance

-we get to know ourselves and how our mind works

-we can observe the mind’s tricks, justifications and bargaining tactics

-we can inquire and drill down to the basic truths of this life on this planet

But now I’ve told you all these benefits, I invite you to let them go.

Do not cling tightly, expectantly to a particular result.

Meditation is like a butterfly – chase it and it will fly away. Pause, be still, and it may just land on you.

So choose self-love.

Choose to feel yourself be free in a space and time that you have lovingly carved out for yourself. Where you can be the true you.

Pause mindfully to observe the inner turmoil, and then turn down its volume. Savour the relief of quiet. Accept the loving gift to your mind and to your life.

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