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Inside outwards or outside inwards?

14 Sep Inside outwards or outside inwards?

One thing I’ve been sharing with my lovely workshop participants is that life – all of life – is about how we feel, and not at all about what we do.

This may sound radical, so let me explain.

When I used to think about what I want in life, a large proportion of those things used to be based on the end point. Study a course so I graduate and work in my chosen field. Apply for a job so I can earn cash. Do gym to be healthy. 

But in all that doing and chasing, we can lose ourselves. We follow the well trodden path, and neglect to tune in deeply and check with our inner compass whether that’s what we truly desire.

Because it’s never going to be a job, a degree, a relationship status, a more toned body, that truly make us happy. And we’ve seen so many examples of people who have achieved those things, but very little has changed for them on the inside, and they remain deeply unhappy.

These days,  I talk about feelings a lot more. I live with the intent to feel more natural flow in my life, and this informs my daily decisions. A client recently identified her chosen feeling as freedom, and this cleared the way for us to make her every day journey, and not just her destination, informed by this feeling.

It’s the difference between doing what you think will make you happy eventually, and following your true path with your desired feelings accompanying you for the ride.

So, next time you think you have a goal, an aim, a path, I invite you to pause and reflect. Are you following someone else’s or society’s path of what success means to them? 

If the answer is yes, then take heart, it’s never too late to redirect.

For me, it’s taken me a few different careers to get to where I am. I reflect back and am grateful for my path and the skills and knowledge I’ve collected. And yet I wonder what it would’ve been like if I’d discovered and aligned myself with my internal compass sooner.

Are you climbing the ladder or mountain which is someone else’s idea of success?

This is also a good time to consider what success means to you – is it a particular triumph or trophy to show off, or is it that which makes you feel deeply fulfilled and joyous when you’re on your path?

If you feel you’ve been walking someone else’s path (hey I get it, a well trodden path to follow is easier than carving out your own, amidst the unknown), then I would love to connect with you.  

If you feel a growing frustration about your current life, if you yearn for a life of true alignment + deep fulfilment, I would love to invite you to join me in a complementary 20min Heart n Earth Breakthrough Session.

For the woman who’s grateful for so much in life, yet scattered from her centre. She’s too busy rushing around to really enjoy the rewards of her work or savour the sweetness, or to look up and enjoy the view.

It is time to access your power and make the impact you were born to make. A life of more meaning, more purpose, deeper knowing, more confidence, and ever more inner trust.

I am offering you a complementary 20 minute Heart n Earth Breakthrough Session with me.

Book your complementary session here.

This session is about creating safe + sacred space for you to be seen, heard, supported and empowered.

Together we will:
➡ Look at where you are feeling misdirected, frazzled, stuck, disconnected or less than your most vibrant self
Create a vision for what your heart and soul truly want
I’ll give you a specific tool to start creating more direction in your life straight away
You’ll leave our session feeling, calmer, connected + clear about the next steps you need to take

This opportunity is for you if:
You are actively looking for ways to support yourself
You desire to live a deeper life and experience your passions + potential in this lifetime (you are no longer waiting around)
You are truly committed to living as a whole, responsible, empowered woman – a woman who balances her heart and her head to create a life that feels right on every level.

Book your complementary 20 minute Heart n Earth Breakthrough Session with me here.

This offer is only available to women who book this week, so don’t delay.

Your life is to be lived right now. Your life is for loving, right now.

So much love,

Anna xx

PS. You only have until the end of this week to book your complementary Heart n Earth Breakthrough Session

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