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Inner voice

08 Jun Inner voice

That shrill, panicked voice in your head, or maybe the one that sounds so much like yourself that you believe it’s YOU telling yourself that you’re

-too fat/skinny

-not tall enough/too tall

-needing another qualification

-not rich enough

-not attractive enough

-not worth an upgrade

-not worth your investment

Or perhaps
….not yet ready for the next step

…..not worth the boundaries you’d appreciate in your life

….making the wrong choice

…..not worth standing up for yourself

It’s a powerful, painful experience, to hear this, and to believe that you are these things.

That’s the voice of your inner critic, or inner meanie.

It’s not YOU.

It’s not who you really are.

We are much more vast and limitless compared to our monkey mind.

Remember the movie Inside Out?

(If not, do yourself a big favour when you SEE it!)

It’s more than this, but a useful demonstration of some of the stories in our head, and how it can impact us.

Let’s call the voice out.

Let’s see this voice for what it really is.

It’s one of the many voices in our minds. It plays on repeat in our minds for a particular reason. And we can explore the reasons. But its story is not always true or helpful.

It can sabotage us. It can make us shrink, shy away, or back out. It means we might never even try.

Over to you –

What does your inner meanie tell you?

It may be one, or most of those messages above.

Are these things true?

What’s the purpose of the inner meanie’s message?

I feel so privileged and am so driven when working with my beautiful clients on these voices. It’s so rewarding to see them finally release its grip on them, after years of being tormented and limited by it.

I’ll leave the comments open for you to connect with which character your inner meanie is most like.

To get a head start on how you feel about yourself, sign up for my FREE 7 Days of Self-love course here.

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