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Innate wisdom

13 Mar Innate wisdom

Ever felt that there was something off, and pushed it to the back of your mind, until you’re literally wiped off your feet?

Sometimes we only act when there’s a clear symptom. Or when the symptoms are so loud and repetitive that we can no longer ignore them.

Or when we collapse and cease to function because those signs we’ve been denying have overwhelmed us.

What if there was a better way?¬†What if we aim for prevention and whole health?¬†Where a symptom is not something to treat and forget, bandaid over and remove, but where a symptom is the body’s wisdom?

And where you are living in alignment with your values, in integrity with your views.

Imagine if…
We got a little more sensitive, a little more self caring. Responded and readjusted when it doesn’t feel right. Took the steps that make us whole again.

And when there are niggles, we pause and allow them the space. We allow ourselves to see the body’s message.

When those hunches, instincts and gut reactions are calling out for us to listen.

Why do we listen to our inner wisdom?

More than avoiding future health blowups, as important as this is. But to get us closer to ourselves, to those big answers we always struggle to find, and can’t decide between.

So I invite you. If something feels wrong, can you listen? Can you allow it to communicate? Allow the messages, and the process, to happen? Allow any emotional and physical cleansing, clearing, detoxing to complete?

Here’s to a body that’s in tune with the life you’re loving,

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