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Feelin alive – accessing daily life satisfaction

20 Nov Feelin alive – accessing daily life satisfaction

What makes you feel alive?

This is a question I love asking of my private clients in getting to know them when working together.


It’s also one I love reflecting on for myself, and readjusting when I feel less than this.


Strategy, goal-setting, option generation, insight and other practical pathways of coaching aside, if I was to meet someone who wasn’t yet in a position for her own coaching, and impart my juiciest earned wisdom:

Build aliveness into your daily life.


Sure, some people might put their favourite snow sports, sky sports or daredevil adrenalin adventures as when they feel their most alive. And yes they’re invigorating.


But what I and my clients benefit from the most are the really simple almost everyday pleasures, that we can all too often neglect.


Those as essential as air: family, social contact, time in nature, time to oneself, writing, meditation, art, yoga, dancing, listening to music.


It’s not that you need these all, or any of these specific ones.¬†You already know what these are for you. Those¬†which make you feel like yourself again, when you do them regularly.


Or you might notice when you stop feeling like yourself – what daily or weekly thing have you been too busy for, and are now feeling crap and missing?


For me, I don’t feel myself when I don’t regularly do a few things. While I don’t religiously do them every day, I know myself enough to build them as habits into my regular schedule. Or I suffer.


If I don’t meditate/daydream/spend time in stillness, spend time in nature, move my body, and connect socially most days, then I stop feeling like myself. I become more easily distracted. Feel restless. Feel trapped and mechanical – the beginnings of nature deficit disorder. Feel almost constipated if I don’t release my words onto paper or to a trusted friend.


And if a super busy period strikes and these things get pushed aside – I need them even more.


But when I’m in a place where I actively, purposely, prioritise them and (without pushing) allow space for any of them in my regular routine? I feel alive, vibrant, creative, healthy, joyous, connected. I live life with flow, gratitude and ease.


And now I invite you to reflect on this for your life.
Sonother way to sit with my favourite question is: what frequent things do I need so much, that I feel my most vibrant self when I do them regularly, and don’t feel myself when I skip them too many times in a row? And, how can I do at least one of these today, tomorrow, and for the rest of this week?

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