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Body love – not just for models?

27 Jul Body love – not just for models?

Isn’t body love just for models?

Before your next beauty treatment and shopping trip, I invite you to pause and consider the following.

The beauty industry thrives on us feeling inadequate, ugly and insecure, and hence buying their latest products and “treatments” to heal that feeling.

If you fully believed deep within yourself, that – “I’m worth it,” – as the marketers say, would you still endlessly buy lab-produced chemicals to place on your face? Would you still seek out “treatments” at the salon that even sound painful to hear, let alone scrape off your skin, or worse?

The tabloids thrive on us caring about what kind of curves or bones others’ bodies have. (And then up-sell the “beauty products” on the same pages).

Tabloids may be a fun distraction, a way to make half an hour disappear, but is this a way of enriching your inner world? Does it make you feel good about your appearance or who you are?

Together, we are rising beyond.

Because we all feel the impact in an increasingly media-saturated and photo-shopped world.

Because it’s not enough to feel ok, we need to model it for the younger generation so they don’t want to “diet” or pinch their belly at age 3 (that’s a hashtag #wtf)

So that we can find our way towards the most elusive and yet tempting thing we all want – those most elevated feelings of being alive in life: feeling free, natural, joyous, loving, creative, powerful, strong.

So that we can let our bodies rest, flood with happy hormones for our health, calm our minds down from frantic. Make our whole self at ease.

Because we want to live in a world where people are seen based on their substance, and not judged based on the cover.

We want the double standards in the workplace, in the store, in sports, to melt.

Because when we have deep desires and passions to see change in the world, to turn around environmental degradation, starvation and disease, but collectively spend billions of dollars and hours of our precious time trying desperately to change our appearance, something is off.

When we spend our emotions on feeling inadequate in a way that no-one else can see (nail chip anyone?) rather than truly enjoying being with our friends, something is off.

Because it’s time for what truly makes you joyous and happy on the inside, (and hey, it might even be “products” – an essential oil or moisturiser can feel so luxe). But if it’s covering up your face, violently straightening out your hair, squeezing in your womanly curves into skinny jeans and metal bras, conforming your feet into precariously high heels…


Is it to look a certain way to others?

Do we have so little confidence in our substance and the value of our work that we rely on appearance to be liked and seen as professional?

Do we need to conform to uniforms in areas where we have choice?

Do we need to go about our day fretting about how others see us?

They see us based on who they are, not who we are.

They see the world largely unrelated to their visual field – our brains act as a strong filter.

So why obsess over how it looks, what colour or shape it is?

I’m more interested in what it can do to help me live and love my life.

Are you curious?

If you’re in Sydney or Melbourne, we would love to see you at Workshop Body Love.

If you’re anywhere on this planet, let’s start this conversation. And let’s keep it running until our world has changed.


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