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Ask the part that knows

01 Sep Ask the part that knows

What does your inner, deeper self want?

For me, I’ve always come alive in nature. I’ve always gravitated towards it, and felt at my best when outside.

Getting myself into nature or even onto a lawn, I feel almost instantly better. The fog lifts. The joy rises as the worries fade.

And so when I first worked with a coach, we spoke about me making the effort to get outside more often.

It makes perfect sense, right?

Something that makes me feel this amazing. Surely, naturally, I’d prioritise that, right?

Well. No.

Because for me, life is almost a race full of doing things, especially during the week.

And I try to coincide what I can – socialising, walks, phone calls, with being in a park.

But when there’s no specific immediate reason, it can feel like breaking gravitational orbit to pull myself away from all. the. things. that I’m doing.

The tasks just roll on. Like a snowball. There’s never an end to the personal and work tasks.

And the day gets away.

It’s only since deciding to give myself park time every day that I’ve made it an immediate priority.

It’s not easy. Time and again, it’s required:

-my own permission to do something that’s not an immediate task or accomplishment. And this can feel like an indulgence in the middle of a working day.

-carving out time and space within the expectations of others, so that I’m not feeling pulled in their direction.

-a commitment to my larger vision of feeling natural flow and freedom, and my connection to daily steps in moving towards it.

-the reprieve from judgement when I’m not “achieving.”  Releasing from all the tasks I’d hoped to tick off during that lunch time.

In doing this for myself, I feel nurtured. I’m free from stressing and striving. I feel my self care is important and not stuffed down in between tasks. In nature, I can express my truer self and create from my heart. It’s where I come out and play and shine my soul.

What do you know makes you feel like a new you?

What do you need to give yourself, to take more of this into your days?

If these are questions which seem difficult to answer, check out our upcoming event, Honouring the Self.

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