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Anchor in

29 Aug Anchor in

When life spins by at a dizzying pace, incoming tasks and priorities firing away at me, I can get so lost.

I get lost in the whirr of the daily must-dos, which mean I often find myself disconnected from my being. I have no memory of taking a breath, being comfortable and in my body, or even thinking about what I am doing. When my mind is in problem solving and reactive mode, it is all in. But sometimes instead of solving issues that are in front of me, my mind travels to how something went in the past, or to planning (and solving) future challenges.

But a racing mind is exhausting. With the mental chatter, my emotions are heightened, and my body tenses up.

There is no way out as the thoughts – the worries and issues – come at me, wave after wave pounding against an eroding cliff.

And in this madness, I remember.

I remember my anchors. My stillness in the storm.

It takes me back to my centre – my calm, unchanging self.

I feel solid again, like I can face anything and stay myself. I stay sane, strong, whole. I can shortcut the endless mental chatter, second guessing and back-and-forth. I can reconnect with myself and live from my true centre.

Anchors are very personal, and they shift – different ones will be right at different times. Sometimes it’s a visual reminder. Sometimes I need to feel my hand on my belly or my heart. Sometimes I just need to relax my jaw. It can be taking the time to drink in the smell of my favourite people, or savour a flower or food. To notice where I’m walking. To notice a chiming app. Very often, it’s a deep refreshing breath.

But it’s not that these are “mindfulness practices” at that time – it’s that I can take one extra second to just wipe clean the mental muck – reset where I’m at.

Reset. Refresh. Access that calm, solid depth beneath the stormy seas. Anchor down – and reconnect to my centre.


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