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When the sweetest things in life are a challenge

03 Apr When the sweetest things in life are a challenge

I gifted myself a day out of the office so as to do all these things in my beloved Heart n Earth. I had plans.

Introverts like stability, predictability, a schedule, or at least an intention. Normally I travel around the city with my yoga gear, devices and work in my backpack, and stay flexible while being able to do stuff.

And on this special day, I contained my gear to just a handbag so that hubby and I could celebrate in a fancy restaurant.

And then life happened while I made other plans.

On the way to the restaurant, he reminded me cheekily that he thought I don’t like surprises (I like them as long as I’m ready and have options), and said he booked a night at the hotel that we were dining at.

BOY did I feel triggered.

Of course I wanted to stay at the hotel but how much better would it have been if I’d been prepared? All my thoughts about plans, intentions, yoga class swirled around in my head.

I’m extremely grateful that I managed to snap myself out of it, didn’t waste hours getting my stuff together, or cancel.

We made the most out of what we had.

While we each got to do a little bit of work on our passion projects, and spent most of the time just hanging like school kids on a free day.

I got to appreciate each moment thoroughly, knowing this was such a rare event and I need to soak it up, despite my work responsibility mindset close to the surface.

I called in support and got logistical help, and I released the rest.

My heart and intentions were as loving as possible, and I reined in my mental tendencies to enable me to truly be in the moment, and release the rest of what I could not control.

The moments we remember and hold are the special times, the ones where we are truly in the moment and noticing and treasuring life.

To loving life in each moment,

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