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You feel frustrated, lost and out of balance. You’re grateful and blessed, yes, but you want so much more from this rich potential that is human life.

To the person on the street, you’re the sum of your family, work and education experiences, your hobby and pastime choices, maybe even your projects and humour.
But you’ve far more depth. You have DREAMS. You’re not here by accident, you have a mission & PURPOSE to your life.


I’m Anna Dobby, creator of Heart n Earth, and I know those bouts of existential pain that comes with living a surface level life.


You sometimes get lost in whirls of emotion. Endless replays of what’s happened. Daydreams and fantasies about how things should be better. Sometimes you spend so long in thought and feel so much that you forget to breathe.


You want the world to be better, now.

You want to live life more aligned with your values and your vision of what’s possible.


You keep finding answers that seem real, and you’re growing. But the full picture just hasn’t clicked yet.


And you likely know that the real answers won’t come from outside you.


It’s your values that truly matter, not the external message you’ve been listening to for years.


It’s how you feel that matters a million times more than how you look.


It is your internal world that we will shift.

…and the external will follow.


Are you with me, sister? Click here to have my ear.

My unique blend of yoga practice + philosophy, meditation + soulful coaching, infused with a passion for nature + natural health, gives my clients the pathways and practical help to nourish and support themselves on all levels as they move beyond previous limits.


I felt this dull pain of purposeless existence for many years, even if I denied it. Since practicing meditation + making real changes in life, my life has completely evolved.


I’m living my life in a more honest and powerful way. I’m truly loving my life – most of the time.


Through inner work I’m in a place where I no longer tolerate the patterns of the masses around me: hating life, hating colleagues, dreading Mondays, hating the office, being sleepy on public transport, muddling through brain fog, emotional dissociation from work, numbing myself with food + alcohol.


We are crying out for more than this.

More connection, more realness, more truth in our lives.


For a long time I’ve known I’m only motivated when making a contribution to the world.


Doing something that deeply matters.


First, it was volunteering & student activism.


In work, it was human rights. But the reality of office work and the justice system are not sustainable for a sensitive soul.


So I numbed out for a long time. I cried, hated, was depressed, escaped, got other jobs where the same things repeated.


When yoga returned to my life in a big way, a cracking open to allow some light and truth to come knocking loudly at my heart.


The way I was living was harmful to me and the people in my life. It served no-one.


Gently and then at an increasing pace, I began to stand up for what believe, to become myself.


The way I live now is much closer to my values than before.


I am far happier even in daily life, even when at the same office.


I live in a way that I inspire others around me to become their true selves.


Are you feeling this? Let’s talk here.


I can help you sort through the whirlwind in your mind, clarify priorities amidst the shiny attractions, and support you in taking decisive action towards your big dreams.


I understand what it’s like to feel that background noise of being off-track, and also just how much value your true self has once she’s unleashed. I’ve overcome years of feeling too shy to participate, questioning myself too much to share, and ups and downs with depression.

As the same patterns kept repeating in my life, I knew it was time for a change.


Hating the environments I worked in, I’d get by on thought tangents, distractions and flights of wonder into alternate projects. Thankfully I gradually followed them and through teaching yoga + facilitating meditation, my world expanded. Now, I couldn’t go back. I’m following my passion in natural health as a naturopathy student, and absolutely love getting to coach clients as a certified Beautiful You Life Coach. I love the dance between my clients and me in arriving at something far greater than either of us would’ve reached alone.


By following my heart, investing in myself, and doing some challenging work along the way, I’m savouring the benefits of a life that’s aligned to who I am.


This is possible for you too.


Life is so brief and the only time to start enjoying it is now. LIFE IS FOR LOVING.


I want you to feel how brilliant, inspiring, expansive life can feel when you start tuning into your purpose, and making alignments across all parts of yourself and all levels of life.


When you’ve overcome the mind’s stories that hold you back, you’ll feel UNSTOPPABLE. You’ll be on your truest path, and living a life aligned with all parts of you. This feels so inspiring, healthy, expansive & awe-inspiring!


This is who I’m not:

-I am not a brand or a business. But my biz is all me.

-I’m not trying this on to “see if it works.” Earlier in my journey, I told myself this to feel like I had more options, and to hide. I will continue to evolve this, and I’m all in. I’m here for you.

-Small, shy, apologetic, scared. I was painfully so, and for a super long time. Now I live my message and this feels much more important than staying caged in my fears.


A bit more of who I am:

-Learning. I’m always a student, learning from life, inspired by my clients. Teachers are everywhere, and within us.

-Imperfect. It’s more important to do what I can with what I have, than wait for perfection and miss out on action + progress.

-Into balancing strength with softness, work with release, gentleness with firmness.

-Joyful, playful, with constant eager thirst to absorb the beauty of life.

More lightheartedly, I delight in:

-Being a word nerd (that rhymed by accident, this time). I’m a pun lover + a cruciverbalist.

–Puppies. My partner and I have our named picked out for our future rescue dog. I look  at  + cuddle dogs everywhere, sometimes not even noticing their humans (oops).

-Hugging trees. Really.

-Snowboarding. The ultimate in mindfulness practice and nature love! I’m so in love with a certain snowy place that I call this page “aboot,” and take every chance to swoon over it (and call the place Canadia).


What about you?

What is your life about? Are you loving it? Email me here. And click here to book in your free coaching consult about how you can truly, deeply love your life.