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What + why is Heart n Earth?

22 Jun What + why is Heart n Earth?

Hello reader. Some of you are new, some have been loyally with my journey for a while. I’d love to share with you some of the basics I missed earlier – what is behind my effort – and what is this intangible thing called coaching & blogging (ok 2 things), and the way I gift it to you through the intangible online space.

What’s behind the name, Heart n Earth?
The name combines two fundamentals of living our lives: Heart – a soulful, true-to-centre way of living, and Earth – a grounded presence, a natural lifestyle.

The word nerd in me also loves that they’re made of the same letters (did you notice?).

I know that many others use their own name as their business. And that’s so cool. But my ideas + vision are far beyond me. I have so many things brewing for down the line that it doesn’t fit within one person. I also see this work as not entirely mine. Although I bring it into the world, I believe inspiration + creativity come from somewhere beyond me. It’s mine to make and share, but it’s not mine to hold back from you (as would be more comfortable).

But what is Heart n Earth?
Heart n Earth is my personal offering to the world, to you, my audience.

It combines all elements of me, my life experience + my passions to be a resource that can help you – with life, your inner truth, philosophy, inspiration, decisions, boundaries, forgiveness, self-love, career, purpose, relationships, mindfulness, yoga, self-expression, natural health, creativity, self-worth, self-acceptance, motivation and courage.

Yeah, that’s broad. Like life – it’s a whole mixed pot luck meal of everything.

Tangibly, I’ve helped clients:
-have more energy in their day (using the right nutrition and movement for their body and lifestyle)
-achieve greater freedom using meditation and tailored yoga poses
-achieve financial abundance and freedom
-achieve a greater sense of inner peace
-use their assertive voice
-create healthy boundaries between themselves and people who expect too much of them
-connect with the truth of who they are

..and that’s just the beginning.

I’m so blessed to combine life coaching with yoga, meditation and natural health to really see my clients shine. These areas are such a natural complement to each other.

Why did I create this?
This is the hardest question of all.

Above all, this is my expression. I feel most free when I write. I feel most aligned when I see major upgrades in clients’ lives as a result of working with me.

I feel it’s always been my calling to help and to heal.

But there’s another intangible that keeps me going, even through more challenging times. It’s my inner work. It’s the fact that to help you, I get to examine my life deeper, and draw themes, examples & inspiration out of the day-to-day in a way that helps you.

This is such a joy (and damn hard work at times!)

It doesn’t come from a desire to fundamentally change who I am, and undergo self-improvement because I’m somehow flawed (though I used to believe this). It comes from wanting to taste MORE of life, and realising that it’s when I’ve unpacked and cleared my stuff that I can experience richer levels of joy, purpose and connection.

I’ve uncovered some fascinating things about my habits, fears, patterns + tendencies, my younger self, my dreams + desires, my connections with people, my deepest values and beliefs. I think this is such an essential part of life (although because it’s challenging, we find many ways to resist it). And from where I am now, I wholeheartedly believe that

‘The unexamined life is not worth living.’ – Socrates

It’s through self-awareness and self-study (svadyaya in yoga) that we get to become more enlightened versions of ourselves, get on better with others, and uncover and create what we truly want in life.

Through the challenges in uncovering myself, overcoming my fears and setting up and growing a business from nowhere, I keep being reminded that my clients need my work which directly helps them, and gratefully, the lovely people around me need my work which inspires them.

Over to you –
What does self-awareness mean for you?
Is there something within you that needs to be heard, created, written or made? I’d love to hear from you in my inbox.

xx Anna

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