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What the flip is life coaching, anyway?

01 Jun What the flip is life coaching, anyway?

When I first heard the phrase “life coach” I pictured extra support for pro athletes. Or maybe extra help for people feeling troubled.

(And in hindsight I wonder, how many people do you know who are wholly content with every part of life?)

Several years on, my whirlwhind of finding out more and experiencing more informs my more complete picture of what coaching is and isn’t.

One of those experiences was, over a year before starting my coaching course, brainstorming a list of all the potential big things I could do next. Coaching was already one of the options on my radar. The one I picked was naturopathy, and little did I know how it’d evolve.

As I encountered more life coaches, I observed that the ones in the Beautiful You community have a little special sparkle that drew me closer to them. They’re incredibly positive, helpful, supportive and genuine. They’re trun beautiful and generous souls, who inspire and live their truth daily.

As I started evolving my steady path towards being a naturopath, I thought, that’s it, I’m totally embracing being all about healing and helping, so, how about I add coaching to my stripes to better help my yoga and naturopathy clients. Coaching as a side dish.


Once I started learning, coaching hit me like a love arrow.

From the first words, I was wowed by the values & principles, the genuine concern for people, the integrity and the genius that I like to think is informed not only by hundreds of coaching clients, but also Julie’s previous career as a counsellor.

And I’ve never looked back.

I’m now all in coaching. (With elements of natural health among other passions!)

That makes coaching my main course, and the sweet dessert too!

It’s a priceless process of having someone on your team, who has your back, knows everything about you, and yet doesn’t have any bias or favouritism in how you lead your life. Full acceptance and unhindered support.

It’s priceless to have someone impartial on your side.

Someone who’s speaking from experience, but whose world doesn’t depend on you being any way other than who you truly are. How many family members are like that (it’s painfully common to see people of all ages make career & lifestyle choices based on what their parents are comfortable with) and how many friends are completely supportive if you’re no longer wanting to get drunk together as your main form of catching up? And how many of us encounter the term “spiritual closet” based on people worrying about the people around us?

Cue concerned face emjoi.

It’s priceless to be externally accountable.

Despite some success in using other ways of accountability, and being able to coach myself, these don’t always work. It’s priceless to complete commitments that I’m fully aligned with, to stay on track, and to have access to a coach whenever I need if I get lost or distracted and off track. (There are soo many shiny options in our world, and adding self-doubt into the mix is a recipe for endless procrastination.)

From the Beautiful You course, I was and still am blown away by:

-the course quality and thoroughness
-the blend of expert care with intuitive wisdom
-the process of coaching which I get to witness in my clients
-having incredible breakthroughts while being coached  (currently in my 3rd coaching series and I intend to keep going!)
-the process I’ve gone through myself in terms of personal development, self-acceptance and confidence
-the warmth of genuine love from the trainers and the community

The coaches I’ve met are beyond description. With their honest vulnerability, self-awareness and preparedness to deal with challenges, and solid, heartfelt support, I’m calling it – I wish more people in my life were more like our coaching community.

If you’re thinking about it, let’s talk. I can share my experience more personally & answer your questions about anything I’ve written about and anything about my BY experience. Book in here.

If you choose to go ahead with coaching with Beautiful You, I’d love to welcome you as a fellow BY community member and offer you a special for signing up through me as a super proud affiliate.

I’m keen to know, what is it that draws you to the possibility of coaching? Comment below or email me here.

Go on and follow your beating heart. Live a life that you’re loving!

xx Anna

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