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20 Jul Transitions

Transition – those unknown, mysterious, dark times of the journey.

Rites of passage.

Unfolding, unfurling, evolving.

I believe this happens to us throughout all of life, but sometimes we can be in a slumber, dissociated and numbed out.

And other times, whoa baby.

We’re awake and there’s no going back. We’re transported into a cyclone and don’t know which direction we’ll come out.

Here’s what I do know. And remind myself of daily when swimming through the dark tunnel of change.

☆It will be sunnier afterwards. And then new challenges will find you.

☆We’re only gifted what we can handle.

☆Challenges happen for us, not to us.

☆Whether it’s the same lesson in different chapters, or new sequels, we’re always moving forward. Always making progress.

☆We can’t stay still even if we try. Even if we feel “stuck,” there will come a time when the threads begin to form shape, when each moment and decision and event is a glimpse of a beautiful tapestry.

These following ingredients continue to help me with transition.

1. Ease. In each moment, choose ease. How can you do it smarter, with more flow, or better yet, release the compulsion to do it in the first place?

2. Support yourself to feel safe. Reassure yourself that you’re supporting you on this journey, backing yourself the whole way.

3. Protect your vulnerabilities. When you jave a seedlinhg, don’t let people run a marathon over it. Let your idea and passion grow in safety before sharing it eith the wider world. If you’re like me, criticism or even one non-understanding look from someone you care about can derail you.

4. Mind your mind. It’ll give you a hundred reasons per second to quit, give in, turn back right now. They’re usually false. The reason we love the inspirational quotes? We need those damn reminders, as the challenges rain down.

5. Presence and patience. My mind can fast forward like a jaguar, but ultimately life is for savouring right here, right now. There is beauty within the unknown, with releasing the tight grip of control.

6. Trust. If you’re reading this, you likely have spiritual beliefs of some sort. What faith and optimism can you draw upon about everything happening for a reason, about there being the perfect time for everything? Can you feel into things working out, in their own way, even better than your imagination would’ve allowed?

Robin Sharma says, “change is hard at first, messy in the middle, and beautiful at the end.” But like a moth in a coccoon, when we can’t see the butterfly at the end, we sit with the mess as it exists, and believe in the butterfly. So don’t stop believing.

Which one of these can you start with?
xx Anna

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