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Stop fudging through life

07 Sep Stop fudging through life

You know that state where everything is a constant juggle.

You push and force and strive, endlessly.

Balance and rest are mythical words, and collapse and passing out is the only way you might pause.

Where you do thousands of things each day, and it only scratches the surface of what would ideally be done. Because the projects keep piling up. And the to-do tasks increase faster than you do them.

So you only do the urgent stuff. The absolute bare minimum, at a surface level.

And you’re often multi-tasking and splitting your attention.

But what’s missing?

Where is the depth, the thorough exploration + experience, the important and long term intentions?

Those are left for another time, which usually never arrives.

This state also means that “dropping the ball” either happens often, or is a constant background threat.

What does this mean for us?

The stress on the body, over the long term, has such significant impacts. We see them all around us in our modern world.

And when we do achieve the latest goal? We immediately jump into the next task. We don’t pause to celebrate or acknowledge ourselves. We don’t feel pride in our achievements or even enjoy the fruit of our efforts.

So how do we extract ourselves from that rubble of ever-expanding task lists? How do we identify priorities and confidently leave the faff behind?

And can we gather and contain our energy in the first place, rather than making our wellbeing just another to-do?

How do we un-fudge?

1. Recognise + accept, with love and grace, that this is where you’re at right now. It’s okay. We all do this. You’re not faulty, you’re a modern human.

2. Pause and tune in.

Ask your deeper self questions such as:

 ➡ what’s my true intention here?

 ➡ how do I ultimately want to feel?

 ➡ what’s the purpose in what I’m doing?

3. Get really quiet and let your answers bubble up to the surface.

4. Focus in on your most aligned + resonant intention for yourself.

5. If you find yourself stuck in resistance about moving forward, take another pause to ask yourself:

 ➡ what’s this about?

 ➡ what’s the benefit to resisting this?

 ➡ is this in line with my values?

 ➡ is this too far outside my comfort zone?

6. Find what you can release.

 ➡ Ditch as much as possible. Leave it behind, guilt-free.

 ➡ Delegate the rest. This is so worthwhile.

 ➡ Do only what’s truly essential for your aligned vision for your life.

7. Feel the certain knowing, that your rest, rejuvenation, trust + faith are more powerful than continuing your struggle cycle.

I urge you to stop scraping by. Stop pushing and efforting through resistance when it’s too big. Stop connecting your self-worth as a human to your accomplishments that day.

You are never to be judged by the number of ticks on your list.

So, beautiful reader. If this speaks to you, if you feel a growing frustration about your current life, if you yearn for a life of true alignment and deep fulfilment, I would love to invite you to join me in a complementary 20min Heart n Earth Breakthrough Session.

For the woman who is grateful for so much in life, yet scattered from her centre. She’s too busy rushing around to enjoy the rewards of her work or savour the sweetness.

It is time to access your power and make the impact you were born to make. A life of more meaning, more purpose, deeper knowing, more confidence, and ever more inner trust.

I am offering 4 women a complementary 20 minute Heart n Earth Breakthrough Session with me.

Book your complementary session here.

This session is about creating safe + sacred space for you to be seen, heard, supported and empowered.

Together we will:
 ➡ Look at where you are feeling over-burdened, frazzled, stuck, disconnected or less than your most vibrant self
 ➡ Create a vision for what your heart and soul truly want
 ➡ I’ll give you a specific tool to start creating more purpose in your life straight away
 ➡ You’ll leave our session feeling, calmer, connected + clear about the next steps you need to take

This opportunity is for you if:
 ➡ You are actively looking for ways to support yourself
 ➡ You desire to live a deeper life and experience your passions + potential in this lifetime (you are no longer waiting around)
 ➡ You are truly committed to living as a whole, responsible, empowered woman – a woman who balances her heart and her head to create a life that feels right on every level.

Book your complementary 20 minute Heart n Earth Breakthrough Session with me here.

This offer is only available to the first 4 women, so don’t delay.

Your life is to be lived right now. Your life is for loving, right now.

So much love,

Anna xx

PS. You only have a short time now to book your complementary Heart n Earth Breakthrough Session

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