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Love and nourishment: what’s your ‘tude?

13 Apr Love and nourishment: what’s your ‘tude?

Love and nourishment: what’s your ‘tude?

It’s all in the mood. In the self-talk, the vibe.

We screw our faces at kale smoothies, and we wolf down chips or chocolate. We do things that are “good” for us, but as a chore. Isn’t it amazing when we find things that we LOVE doing and that are also “good” for us?

I believe that when we love ourselves enough to truly invest in ourselves, everything we do is good for us.

We eat the kale and the chips equally with pure enjoyment and deep self-love, and not from guilt, shame, pushing and striving.

Think about it…being able to eat kale (or celery, or any other food that many people dislike) is a special privilege if we have access to a fresh plant which nourishes our body and supports our organs functioning. The moment is the reward. On the other hand, how many times do we encounter fast food being used as a “reward” for “good behaviour” which instead acts to sabotage our efforts? How often do we use fast food as a reward for hard work, only to feel like crap after? Yes the human relationship with food is highly complex, and I too am working on it.

What makes you feel nourished, guilt-free, like you’re absorbing all the goodness by living life?

For me it includes lifting that heavy weight & feeling my body strong and grounded, having those green veges with delicious savouring, returning to meditation after each distraction because I’m worth the rewards.

Food for thought – let me know yours.

With love

Anna xx

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