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Limiting beliefs

07 Jun Limiting beliefs

Something that almost floored me a few years ago at my first yoga teacher training, amazingly keeps resurfacing.

It was only a couple of years prior to that, and yet after quite a few years of ‘adult’ and ‘professional’ life, that I first really heard my thoughts about myself and, in a watershed moment, realised that a part of me tells myself I am inadequate. And a few other nasty things which can be summed up with that word.

What was even more incredible at yoga training was seeing so many capable, powerful, well-adjusted adults, one by one, access their inner beliefs.

The realisation that each of us holds these hit me and blew me away.

What I have learned since then, to my sheer amazement, is that people who are at the top of their fields, who regularly appear in the media, who are very much in the public eye – they too, despite being so accomplished and polished  – hold fears and limiting beliefs.

This I have learnt through an incredible program for women, Playing Big. I highly recommend it if my story sounds familiar.

What am I doing to challenge my beliefs?

I am no longer listening to the inner critic with so much attention. I am not allowing myself to be held back by old patterns. I am focusing on what my inner truth is, and living from this place. I am not waiting for confidence, but leaping into a bigger space. I continue to remind myself that:

quote what others think of me

Over to you:

Where in your life could you live bigger?
What would life be like?

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