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Do you dis-connect ?

29 Jun Do you dis-connect ?

In the course of a day, there are so many ways to be disconnected. I know, after having spent years doing it.

You might relate to these examples:

*Numbing out.
I’ve used food, alcohol, TV, gossip magazines among other painful ways to numb myself out. Taken to extremes, it’s quite grim.

*Distracting or redirecting
In addition to the above, I’ve also spent times being addicted to video games (including both plants v zombies!). It’s crap feeling I’ve wasted a part of my life. There’s also the scrolling social media addictions. Or maybe for you, it’s office gossip that has your attention. Either way, it’s unfulfilling and gets you more off track.

*Denying or reducing.
Something happens and I say I’m fine. Despite what happened, I’m ok. So I try to tell myself. But it’s not true, and I really need to recover, heal, process and take care of myself. And that won’t even start until I admit it to myself.

When we’ve had our fill of distractions and disconnections, what’s the benefit of connection?

1. Let pain and emotions move.
Inner connection means slowing down and allowing myself to really plug into what’s within me.
Shining a light on the darker areas, even on its own, will shift things. Once you allow them in, it’ll let the pain and emotions do what they need, and keep flowing.

2. Find a deeper truth.
Connecting to myself means I uncover layers upon layers – what I’m avoiding, why the pattern shows up, how I protect myself, and what’s true instead. Yoga deeply values the practice of self study, or svadyaya. It allows my evolution to continue to unfold, and show up in all areas of my life more and more.

3. Feel alive. Live life completely.
This honesty and interaction and engagement with life means we’re no longer holding back, hiding and resisting.
Experiencing the dark and the pain opens us up to greater levels of joy and pleasure, letting us juice all the goodness that we can from life. In a real and present way. Interacting with people, experiences and emotions, rather than numbing out and distancing. Increasing the closeness internally, and in my relationships.

Your turn –

Have you identified your patterns of numbing out and distancing from reality? And what will you choose next? Comment below or email me here.

xx Anna

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