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Choosing your life path

03 Aug Choosing your life path

I value freedom and having many options.

For this reason I’ve often chosen the most general options possible.

This is great because I’ve not trapped myself into being able to only do one thing.

On the other hand, those who don’t make a choice, make the choice of nothing.

But today I stand in a different position.

Earlier, I was choosing the most general choices so as not to feel stuck with a specialisation that I regretted.

Today, I am very intentionally choosing several specialisations, and also very intentionally building my vision.

I’ll describe this as being multipassionate (a more intriguing word for this than, say, scanner, generalist, or .. floater, the idea is that we have multiple talents and interests and pursue them concurrently).

Picture standing on top of a mountain. You might remember back to if you’ve ever skied, snowboarded, cycled, hiked, or done anything down a mountain where you need to choose a path.

You’re standing at the top, with several options. Some people will just go down the closest, easiest, most obvious path. There’s a place for that, but not for the big life choices.

You will only end up in one of the options down the hill, and you need to choose wisely. It’s far more difficult to go back up the hill, or retrace your steps as time marches on.

In any event, when you scan the terrain ahead, even though much of it is unknown, you choose according to your goals and desired feelings. When you have an idea of where you want to be, and the experiences you want to have along the way, you’re on your way. You might choose a windy path to take in more of the terrain, and give yourself the breadth of experiences.

You might even end up somewhere far more fabulous than you could’ve seen from the top, but it’s starting the journey with intention, and continuing to reassess as you go, that makes the difference.

Much like in life, and much like with coaching.

What we don’t want is to just go with gravity. Free fall down the track that’s the closest or easiest. Follow someone else blindly just because that looks good, without even having taken the time to look at the other options.

How many of us follow particular paths, pursuits, careers, even family choices based on the wants of the people around us, or the rules of the culture around us?

The path of least resistance, in the sense of doing what others think is a good idea, is the way to live someone else’s life.

Which then leads to so many of us one day waking up from the haze of dissatisfaction and struggling with life, or numbness to the pain of unfulfillment, and wondering how we got here. Wondering whether this routine and this sense of survival is all that life’s about.

But when we allow ourselves to make space to unhook ourselves from everyone else’s agendas, and connect inwardly, we can start to connect with our truer preferences and feelings.

We start to understand that gut feeling about the course we went ahead with anyway. We remember back to all those flags we ignored about that relationship.

With hindsight, I’ve started connecting these dots about my life. And while I treasure the lessons and strength the experiences gave me, I’m relieved to connect to my centre and follow my true path.

And to follow it with intention – based on my vision, and based on the experiences I want along the way.

It’s as simple and as difficult as that.

For help with your life vision, goal setting, and following your truest path, talk to me.

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