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01 Jun Human Being

Human being. Not a human doing. Free up your human doing (let it unfold organically).
Shine a light on how you are being.
In each moment.
Do you accept compliments / gifts with grace, or argue against them?
Can you consider every.single.thing that happens a true gift to you, to your evolving life?
Will you release the need to do a particular task in a particular people-pleasing way, and instead act from how you want to BE in the world?
How do I want to be? I want to think, act and be from LOVE. To be consistent, in my inner and outer world, with this highest of values. It is oh so challenging with the ego around! How instantly the ego can thwart this intention - and then I dive into feeling insulted, offended, defending.
I want to live from the heart. To sing my true song. And yet the ego invents all these other things to do. My intention - to come back to my truth, in each moment, as quickly as I can.
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31 May Service

My inner wisdom is very inner (that's another story) and tough to access. Recently, though, it sent a golden nugget my way. "Sevi." Like the Sanskrit seva, to me this means service. What does service mean to me? Throughout my life and more recently as a yoga practicer,...

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