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Are you worthy and deserving?

04 May Are you worthy and deserving?

I love a good picture quote, when I agree with it, love it, and feel inspired by it.

But self-worth goes beyond an inspirational quote you read.

It goes beyond psyching yourself up because you need to remember to tell yourself a mantra about your worthiness.

It goes deeper than faking confidence, even though action and ‘fake it til you make it’ is far better than shying away.

It’s when you feel it deep within.

It even goes beyond our identity – our successes, clothes, kids, role in society, role in the family, responsibilities, work, creative expressions, and even our personal growth and evolution.

You just know it on every level. You are fully being, embodied. You have nothing to prove, because you’re already IT.

Here’s what happens when you feel self worth:

1. When you have self-worth, you inherently feel your right to be here. Your right to take up space, be unapologetically yourself, voice your truths.

You likely already recognise it in other people.

Extend same courtesy to yourself.

Society even had to commit to it in writing:
…recognition of the inherent dignity and of the equal and inalienable rights of all members of the human family is the foundation of freedom, justice and peace in the world…”
(United Nations General Assembly, Universal Declaration of Human Rights 1948).

How many of us spend tears, emotions and countless efforts protecting the inalienable human dignity of others, and yet continue to be our own worst critic, copping daily abuse from the inner meanie?

You deserve better than to follow those thoughts.

2. When you feel self worth, you know you have a purpose to live out.

Even if you don’t know it, even if you might spend the rest of your life looking for it.

You feel that you’re alive and here for a reason. And you’re doing your best to honour that. In fact, you can’t not live with your purpose at the heart of what you do, and in full alignment with your beliefs and size.

3. When you feel self worth, you can receive with gratitude.

Whether your inner story is that you’re ‘deserving’ or not, at some point you recognise the majesty of life, the beauty of nature all around us.

You begin to receive the beauty of the world with gratitude. You begin to graciously allow the happenstances of life. You start taking chances, accepting opportunities, and with time, you even accept compliments and gifts that come your way. Graciously and gratefully. Deservingly.

How do you receive?

To delve into your self worth, start with this one suggestion.

Ask yourself, WHO AM I?

We often go with what we know – the things we’ve done, the people and things around us, our tastes and preferences.

But who we really are is beyond identity. It’s beyond possessions and your body. Beyond your relationships and family. Your race or religion. Your tastes, creations, qualifications and achievements. These will all vary, but they don’t determine our value as a human. They tell us who we are right now, but they limit us to our known boundaries, our current space and time, and don’t answer who we really are, and why we’re alive right now, what we’re here to bring.

Get to the core of what you believe about your  human experience. Who are you? Why are you really here?

Let’s start this conversation in the comments below, or in our private community here.

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