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When sleep eludes you

28 Oct When sleep eludes you

Recently people have asked me for advice about getting to, and staying asleep.

Sleep is organic medicine for our body, mind, emotions and spirit. Sleep revives, recharges us. It allows our body to heal and repair. It elevates our mood. Freshens our outlook, and our constant chattering mind.

This is what works for me when I cannot fall asleep:

-passionflower tea
-mint tea (I combine these). In fact, mint in anything, any time of day, makes me sleepy
-self massage to tense muscles. I use a heating oil that warms up the area and it feels so soothing
-journalling & mind dump. any last minute intentions for tomorrow. or gratitude journal to shine light on the goodness.
-not over-eating late
-turning off screens, or using screens with shielding glasses
-a spiky mat for acupressure massage

In addition to these, for people who wake up before they would like, this has worked for people in my life:
-keeping paper & pen next to bed to enable jotting down any insights or thoughts that arise, and allow ourselves to relax
-stillness or guided meditation
-getting up and starting the day

I find I have a lot of energy in the early morning, and late evening. I also have, for a long time, held the notion that I’ll “sleep when I’m dead” (hey Bon Jovi, you don’t look like any part of you is aging!), and wanted to juice as much as I can from life (including restful low key activities of course – just not sleep).

Sometimes my body can be allowed to drift off after lunch, and this is magical. Usually, though, I push through and wait until the weekend when that is more possible. So, by the time I reach the pillow (and, often wake up my hubby through this), I usually don’t need the above tricks. So I’ll declare, my aim is, to start to wrap up my nights earlier.

Whoa that’s ambitious.

What are your top tips for sleep? What’s one thing you want to implement to sleep better?

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